Welcome to my personal website! This website is built with Next.js and MDX.


I work as a technical lead in a commercial company. I have development experience in both back-end and front-end. My daily work is mainly focused on back-end and my go-to tech-stacks are usually .NET Core or Node in TypeScript.

I also have Cloud experience, which is mainly AWS. I'm a fan of some classic AWS services such as VPC, S3, SQS, Lambda, just to name a few. I believe code as infrastructure so tools like CloudFormation, Terraform or AWS CDK are my friends when working on AWS.

I enjoy building projects in DDD pattern with simple and clean interface design and in the meantime I try my best to stick to SOLID principles. I love the type system of TypeScript, which I believe every script language should learn from it.

I share my experience and lessons (mostly lessons) with you on this site, and I hope you find it useful to your programming journey.


I know a bit back-end and a bit front-end, but I'd rather not call myself 'full-stack' because to me it's such a demanding word that I don't think I know enough to excel at either end :)

The rating below is relative to myself, which by no means stands for the absolute level. Also, I don't intend to list every single skill I have, because technology moves very fast therefore many skills will not last long.

OO programming5/5
.NET Core5/5

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